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Cultivating Grace

Hi there! I'm Lara from Everyday Graces Homeschool and this is the page for the Cultivating Grace Podcast.

I believe you are the gate-keeper, grace-giver, and cultivator of your home and when you step into your God-given capacity you are capable of providing a delightful and life-giving education to your children. Grab a fresh mug of coffee and listen in for a spell for ideas, encouragement, and to refresh your heart! If you enjoyed Cultivating Grace, you can Buy Lara a Cup of Tea here.

Aug 27, 2019

Charlotte Mason brush drawing is an artful way to visually narrate. Join special guest Dallas Nachtigall of Bestowing the Brush today to learn about enjoying this lovely art with your family! Show notes here:

Aug 20, 2019

Charlotte Mason was right to include art study as part of the educational feast! There are so many wonderful benefits and today we are sharing them with you. Find show notes, resources, and more here:

Aug 13, 2019

Join us today with Courtney Messick to learn how to create a delightful homeschool action plan and make this your best year yet! 

Find show notes and resources here.